Dr. Sharron Louie | Nikken Independent Consultant
Dr. Sharron Louie | Nikken Independent Consultant
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Update on Kenzen Bergisterol®

Kenzen Bergisterol® will soon be available with the same great formula but double
the number of capsules!
Instead of 30 capsules per bottle, there will be 60 capsules. Based on new studies, we recommend taking two capsules per day, a total of 500 mg for maximum results. To track your results, we recommend seeing your health practitioner and getting a baseline blood sample, then retesting in three months.

The Indian gooseberry in our formula, that the Vitamin C is sourced from, has changed in botanical nomenclature. The old label called it Vitamin C (as Orgen-C Organic Amla). The new label calls it Organic Amla Extract (Phyllanthus emblica) fruit. The efficacy remains the same; only the naming convention has changed.

You get more bang for your buck. In comparison to the current product, you’re receiving twice as many capsules at less than twice the price!
Item 17004 US / 14004 CN with 60 capsules / bottle:
New Consultant Price $52 US / $69.30 CN
New Retail Price $65 US / $87 CN
Those who have Kenzen Bergisterol on Autoship will continue receiving your product with the new 60-capsule bottle. You do not have to manually change your Autoship order.

If Kenzen Bergisterol® goes on back order, we anticipate receiving product during the week of August 5th and shipping will resume at that time.