Dr. Sharron Louie | Nikken Independent Consultant
Dr. Sharron Louie | Nikken Independent Consultant
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Nikken Kenzen BDZ - 15530
Nikken Kenzen BDZ - 15530

Nikken Kenzen BDZ - 15530

By: Nikken

Mfg ID #: 15530

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“Bone buddies are your best friends for life.”

A house requires a sturdy frame for its foundation. The human body’s frame is the skeletal system, made up of bones from skull to toes. When the frame of a house deteriorates, the house eventually collapses. The same holds true for the body. When the bones become brittle, the skeletal system bends, breaks or crumbles. Bone health is crucial to overall health, and it starts at birth.

The key element is Calcium; however, because Calcium is not easily absorbed by the body, Kenzen BDZ™ serves as the ideal complement. Formulated to maximize the body’s ability to absorb and utilize the necessary calcium that keeps bones strong and to help prevent the onset of osteoporosis, Kenzen BDZ is crucial for a well-rounded bone health regimen.

Features & Benefits
Kenzen BDZ™
• A unique, scientifically proven powerhouse formula for bone health
• Formulated with MenaQ7, patented Vitamin K2, clinically validated to be essential in building and maintaining strong bones*
• Clinical trials with postmenopausal women showed significant improvement in bone mineral content and bone mineral density with 3 years on MenaQ7*
• Formulated with Aquamin, a unique marine plant multi-mineral complex rich in calcium magnesium and trace minerals known to be bioavailable sources
• Research shows Aquamin helps preserve bone structure and strength, helps inhibit bone mineral density loss, helps mineralization and maturation of bone cells, helps protect from exercise induced bone loss*
• ParActin® has been shown to help support healthy bone function by promoting bone formation and bone reabsorption, two actions that help fight osteoporosis and osteoarthritis*
• Studies have shown ParActin® helps improve skeletal muscle strength and exercise performance*
• Gluten-free, GMO-free

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Recommended Usage: Take two (2) capsules of Kenzen BDZ daily.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, taking anti-coagulants, pregnant or nursing, please consult a physician before taking this or any other dietary supplement.

Nikken 15530 Kenzen BDZ

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